Laser safety goggles


Career prospects for physicists

After your master’s degree in physics you have many opportunities. Many continue with PhD studies. But also without a PhD you can start your professional life. Due to the analytical education and the ability to abstract, many physicists are sought after beyond the field of physics. You have many fields of activity, e.g. research and development, teaching, quality assurance, production or consulting in various sectors:

  • Research institutes and universities
  • High-tech industries (electronic, sensors, semiconductors)
  • Soft- and hardware industries
  • Optical technologies (laser, photonic)
  • Medical technology (radiation therapy)
  • Environmental protection (radiation protection)
  • Teaching in schools, colleges, and universities
  • Consulting, banks, insurances
  • Patent system 
  • Public management, office of weights and measures, agencies for testing 
  • . . .