IT service and support


Besides the software provided by KIM, additional licences are available from the Department of Physics for the following software packages:

Origin (OriginLab)

Network licences for workstations/laboratory computers as well as independent (home-use) licences are available.  Installation and usage information (internal).

Matlab (Mathworks)

The university has a special state licence for Matlab with an unlimited number of licences available. You can obtain a personal, limited license from KIM. In addition, the Department of Physics maintains a network licence server ( permitting the unlimited use of Matlab.

Mathematica (Wolfram)

A limited number of network licences as well as home-use licences are available. If you are interested, please contact us. 

LabVIEW (National Instruments)

The department has a volume licence for teaching purposes. Installation information (internal).


To create and share LaTeX documents easily, we run a ShareLaTeX server,, which can be accessed with any browser. Please email to get an account.


Computer pools

The Department of Physics has a CIP pool named “Mittelerde” with open access workstations in rooms P745 and P734. The computers operate with Linux and a large selection of software is preinstalled.

 Furthermore, the common CIP-Pool shared by the physics and mathematics departments named PhyMa is available for all physicists. PhyMa is located in V203 and offers 30 workstations and projectors as well as the option to carry out computer-based lectures and tutorials there. Reserve space by emailing

Computer cluster

The Department of Physics supports the computer cluster for scientific computing (Scientific Compute Cluster in Konstanz: SCCKN), which provides the high computing power needed to work with large datasets.