Schülerstudium (studying while in school)

Being a pupil and a student at the same time? Being at the university without a higher education entrance qualification? Is this really possible? If you perform above the average in school and if you manage your homework and other school commitment easily and you still have reserves and feel like doing more then the school pupil program is something for you. The basis is § 64 Abs. 2 of the University Law of Baden Wurttemberg which enables the promotion of highly talented. 

In the framework of the school pupil program you are able to take part in the activities of students, i.e. lectures, seminars, and tutorials, and you take the corresponding exam without your higher education entrance qualification. As a pupil-student you are, however, not enrolled at the university and you do not need to pay student fees. All passed exams are credited later to your regular studies.

However, important is: In the first place you are a pupil and it applies: School has priority! Primary goal is the higher education entrance qualification. Thus the agreement of the school is essential. The school needs to exempt you from the lessons. In return you commit to catch up on missed subject materials independently and to keep your performance level.

Would this be something for you? Here you find further information on the School Pupil Program.