Master’s Degree Programme in Physics (MSc)

You are interested in:

  • A deep understanding of the fundamental laws of physics and technology
  • The ability to research unknown phenomena and to solve complex problems in the area of high tech.
  • Excellent and numerous possible career paths

 Our Master’s program offers you:

  • Integration into an excellent and internationally renowned research area
  • Attractive options and specialisations in experimental and theoretical physics
  • The option to continue your education and research as PhD student
  • International networking with excellent contacts and research networks
  • An advantageous student-to-teacher ratio and open-door policy
The broad studies of physics and the multidisciplinary lectures in the Master's program at the University of Konstanz have been the basis for my research at Bosch.
Martin Putnik (BSc (2011) & MSc (2014) University of Konstanz, then PhD at Bosch)

Focus: Physics of Condensed Matter

  • The largest, most versatile and active area of physics
  • Broad spectra on interesting questions, methods, and concepts
  • Describes our surrounding world and its phenomena
  • Solid state, fluid, soft matter: complex & interesting many body systems
  • From fundamental properties of matter to technological relevant applications
  • Manifold job opportunities from academic sector to industrial research and development

Special, cutting-edge research topics in Konstanz: