• Studierende in der Gruppenarbeit

    Welcome at the Department of Physics

    We wish you a successful start into the new semester and especially to all new students, a lot of success and an exciting time. Also after the orientation week, we always have an open door and are pleased to help you.

  • The beginning of the end of order

    Experiments by physicists in Konstanz prove Mermin-Wagner fluctuations

  • Single molecule switch

    A research team with participants from Konstanz presents a molecular switch so far unmatched in its reproducibility.

  • New success for Konstanz physicists in studying the quantum vacuum

    An important step towards a completely new experimental access to quantum physics has been made at University of Konstanz. The team of scientists headed by Professor Alfred Leitenstorfer has now shown how to manipulate the electric vacuum field and thus generate deviations from the ground state of empty space which can only be understood in the context of the quantum theory of light. With these results, the researchers from the field of ultrafast phenomena and photonics build on their earlier findings, published in October 2015 in the scientific journal "Science", where they have demonstrated direct detection of signals from pure nothingness.

  • Research at the Department of Physics

    In the 21st century nanotechnology is the technology of the future and “nano” is the subject of research of the Department of Physics in Konstanz. The world of the very small is dominated by exotic principles of quantum physics where ordinary materials show novel and surprising properties. Also, light is a quantum phenomenon and much of its nano properties are still not well understood. The insight to the laws in the nano-level allows producing novel materials with tailor-made properties.