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    Are you thinking about studying physics? Then the Department of Physics at the University of Konstanz is the right place for you. Here you will study in a family atmosphere with an open-door culture, you will be excellently prepared for work in academic research and industrial development and you will experience the close integration of experiment and theory in teaching.

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  • The department is looking for student research assistants for the summer semester 2023

    The department is seeking various student research assistants for:

    -the beginner's internship

    -the introductory course

    -the event management of the department

    Here you can find the three job descriptions.

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  • Research at the Department of Physics

    In the 21st century nanotechnology is the technology of the future and “nano” is the subject of research at the Department of Physics in Konstanz. The world of the very small is dominated by exotic principles of quantum physics where ordinary materials show novel and surprising properties. Also, light is a quantum phenomenon and much of its nano properties are still not well understood. The insight to the laws in the nano-level allows producing novel materials with tailor-made properties.

Current news



Nicholas Kurti Science Prize

Konstanz physicist Angelo di Bernardo receives prize for research on the coupling effects of superconductors with other materials.

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Moving furniture in the micro-world

An international research team led by physicists from Konstanz discovers a state of ultra-low static friction when rotating microscopic objects on crystalline surfaces.


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