Earning a doctorate in the Department of Physics

As a doctoral researcher at the Department of Physics, you will independently formulate scientific problems and find possible solutions.  

During your doctoral studies, you can deepen your experience by attending the department's colloquia, in which renowned scientists give guest lectures, as well as the seminars offered by our research teams. Our doctoral researchers are also welcome to attend the Integrated Research Training Groups in the Collaborative Research Centres SFB 767 and SFB 1214.

On your path to earning a doctorate, you will produce a major scientific work under the supervision of a member of our teaching staff. You may not submit a cumulative thesis.  Your thesis may however be written in either German or English.

At the close of your doctoral studies, you will make a scientific presentation on the thesis and on two additional physics subjects.

If you are interested in earning your doctorate at the department, you can apply for open positions listed on the university homepage or simply contact the leader of a research team that interests you directly.