Attosecond electron microscope

Research at the Department of Physics

Nanotechnology is essential for the future in the 21st century. “Nano” is therefore a central element of our research in physics. In the world of the very small, we need to consider the exotic laws of quantum physics. Common materials display entirely new and surprising properties. Light itself is also a quantum phenomenon, and many of its properties have yet to be fully understood – especially when focussed to nanometre dimensions and ultrashort time scales. Fluctuations play
a crucial role on these scales as they do in biological or complex systems. By combining experimental and theoretical
approaches, we probe extensively the atomic and molecular worlds, in order to understand the emerging macroscopic
phenomena of materials in the real world. Soon, we will be able to create novel materials with tailor-made characteristics or decode the physical origin of collective behaviour in living organisms. We may soon use solar cells
– or even quantum computers – that are substantially more efficient than anything we know today. Research at the University of Konstanz revolves around these and many other topics that are equally fascinating, if not even more so.