Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Physics (BSc)

The bachelor’s programme in physics provides you with a strong foundation for either further general study of physics or a specialisation in physics-related areas such as nanotechnology. In contrast to many other programmes, the content of experimental and theoretical physics is jointly taught in integrated courses in Konstanz that are optimally combined and interlinked with lab courses. The fundamentals of physics are complemented by lectures in mathematics and a broad range of possible minors (e.g. in computer science, biology, chemistry, economy, philosophy) which means you can broaden your perspective beyond the field of physics. You can complete your bachelor thesis on a current subject of research in one of the departmental research groups or in other research institutes in Germany or abroad.

Winter term 2021/22

Unfortunately, the current Covid 19 pandemic makes planning for the next term difficult. The following information should provide you with planning security:

It will definitely be possible to study Physics with us in our department in the upcoming winter term 2021/22. We will offer all of our courses in a form adapted to the situation: Especially, for our beginners in the bachelor's degree, we will hold central courses in on-site teaching. At present, it is planned to hold face-to-face lectures for your basic lectures (“Integrated Course Physics I”, “Mathematics for Physicists I” or “Analysis I” and “Linear Algebra I”) as well as for the first physical beginner's lab.

As a committed and familiar department, we are known to respond flexibly and unbureaucratically to the needs of our students. Be sure that even in these challenging times we will be able to offer you excellent teaching and support for your physics studies.