Mentoring programme

In the compulsory elective area of the bachelor’s degree course in Physics (B.Sc.) and the topic for your bachelor’s thesis, you have a wide range of options. Your mentor will be happy to help you with your planning.

Who is my mentor?

Your mentor will be one of the professors in the Department of Physics. The students are assigned centrally and are allowed to express their wishes regarding the focus - theoretical physics or experimental physics. Your mentor will contact you at the beginning of the winter semester to arrange an appointment.

When should the mentoring ideally take place?

Ideally, the first meetings with your mentor should take place at the beginning of the 5th semester.

What will I gain from the mentoring program?

During your studies, you will have gained a certain overview of physics. At this point in particular, the question often arises as to the direction in which I want to develop myself. Even if you must answer this question yourself, we can report on our experiences and give you additional information, taking into account your individual talents and interests. This may start with advice on choosing and planning your bachelor’s thesis and may end with possible career prospects/career paths. The interview gives you the opportunity to ask your mentor your questions or just have a nice chat. The mentoring meeting is advisory in nature. The results are recommendations that you may or may not follow.