Become a teacher in physics!

Was physics your favorite subject? Do you notice physics-related phenomena all around you? Share your passion for physics and become a teacher!   

Basic knowledge of physics is gaining more and more importance in our society and will be decisive for mastering the challenges of the future. This goes beyond simply knowing the optical laws of refraction or how to calculate the total resistance of a series circuit. It includes understanding concepts such as energy or conservation and being able to read and interpret diagrams and charts. 

These are ambitious goals and there are ever-increasing demands on teachers. However, with our teacher education programme in physics, you can start your career well-prepared. We offer:

  • excellent conditions to study in small tutorial groups with your own contact person specifically for teacher education students
  • specific lectures and courses for teacher education students 
  • projects with school classes which enable you to slip into the role of a teacher early on
  • as one of the few universities in Baden-Wurttemberg, the additional support of a professorship in teaching methodology for the natural sciences
  • teaching methodology courses in cooperation with school teachers who bring their practical experience directly into the university classroom.