Compact course – Introduction in calculation methods of natural sciences

Preparatory course in mathematics of the Department of Physics

The course starts on Oct. 4 at 10:00 a.m. in room R712. No registration necessary.

Time:  4.- 12. October 2023

Location: R712+R711

Target group: First year students from the Faculty of Sciences especially in the fields of physics, mathematics and biology. Students of chemistrycomputer science and the sport science programme are also welcome to attend.


The transition from school mathematics to university mathematics usually is quite challenging for new students. University mathematics requires a high level of creativity and the ability to think in abstract terms. Schools are only able to teach these abilities to a limited extent. This is why even those who always have had good grades find it hard to live up to the requirements of university mathematics lectures for beginners.

The preparatory course in mathematics will facilitate the transition to university mathematics. You will be introduced to the abstract approach typical for university mathematics and be given plenty of opportunity to practice using it. We will also provide a compact and intensive review of school-level mathematics. Participation in the preparatory course is not compulsory, but highly recommend to all new students!

Course content is based on the recommendations of the Konferenz der Fachbereiche Physik (KFP) (in German) from 7.11.2011.