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Physics Colloquium: The role of non-reciprocal interactions in nonequilibrium systems

Tuesday, 31. January 2023
15:15 - 16:45

R 513 followed by drinks and snacks

FB Physik: Prof. Dr. Clemens Bechinger

Dr. Sarah A.M. Loos DAMTP University of Cambridge

The world surrounding us mostly operates far from thermal equilibrium, including all living and various artificial systems. The fields of active matter and stochastic thermodynamics have made great progress in unravelling the fundamental principles that govern the individual and collective dynamics of nonequilibrium systems. However, one important feature that is ubiquitous in biology, chemistry, and engineering has received rather little attention; namely the presence of non-reciprocal interactions, i.e., interactions that violate Newton's third law.
In this talk, I will first discuss the general thermodynamic implications of non-reciprocal interactions between single particles subject to thermal noise [1,2]. I will also discuss timedelayed interactions [4] as a special type of non-reciprocal interactions. By considering a classical XY spin model [3] and a (Vicsek-)model for the swarming of insects [5], I will further provide perspectives on how non-reciprocal interactions affect the collective behaviour of many-body systems.
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