objective lenses of the Zeiss Axio Imager.M2m; Copyright: Gillian Kiliani

The Zeiss Axio Imager.M2m is a state of the art optical microscope. Images can be taken in

  • bright field or
  • dark field mode,


  • interference contrast,
  • phase contrast or
  • polarization contrast

if desired. LEDs with a color temperature ranging from 5700 K to 6500 K illuminate the sample in either in

  • transmission or in
  • reflection.

The microscope is equipped with EC Epiplan-NEOFLUAR objective lenses with magnifications 5x (NA 0.13), 10x (NA 0.25), 20x (NA 0.50), 50x (NA 0.8) and 100x (NA 0.90) suitable for interference and polarization contrast. Additionally, an N-ACHROPLAN 20x (NA 0.45) serves as objective lense for phase contrast.

The image can be viewed through a 10x ocular (field of view number: 23 mm) and recorded with an Axiocam 503 color camera.