Attosecond electron microscope of the Baum group
Attosecond electron microscope of the Baum group; Copyright: Dr. Gillian Kiliani

the Physics of Light and Matter

Group of Prof. Dr. Peter Baum

Atoms and electrons stand as the fundamental building blocks of all matter in our environment. However, the intricacies of their movements and reaction pathways unfold on such microscopic and rapid scales that direct observation borders on the impossible. Through the integration of electron microscopy with cutting-edge attosecond/femtosecond laser technology, the research of Prof. Dr. Peter Baum harmonize the remarkable spatial precision inherent in contemporary electron microscopes with the breathtaking temporal resolution provided by the cycle period of light. Consequently, this synergy unveils the intricacies of light-matter interactions and material transformations at the atomic level, both in the spatial and temporal dimensions.