Spin coating process of a silicon wafer
Spin coating process of a silicon wafer; Copyright: Inka Reiter

Nanostructure laboratory nano.lab

Since February 2006, the Departments of Physics and Chemistry have run the nanostructure laboratory at  the University of Konstanz. The clean room contains various devices spread over a space of 160 m2 to manufacture and investigate structures on a nanometre scale. The equipment includes electron microscopes, lithography systems, coating lines and dry etch systems. The laboratory is open to all scientists at the University of Konstanz and is currently beinig used for research by around 140 scientists from 14 research groups.

In the past years, the nanostructure laboratory has played a central role in research conducted by the SFB 1432 "Fluctuations and Nonlinearities in Classical and Quantum Matter beyond Equilibrium". Besides providing equipment for nanostructuring  and nanoanalytics, the nano laboratory also promotes scientific exchange and improved networking between the research groups.

First impressions (in German)

Credit: This video was produced by the "Medienlabor AG Medienwissenschaft/camera and cut: Lukas Burg" in the course of a web documentary for the 50 year anniversary of the University of Konstanz.