Copyright: Dr. Gillian Kiliani
Copyright: Dr. Gillian Kiliani

safety briefing for hazardous materials

The nano.lab offers recurring safety briefings on how to handle hazardous materials as a prerequisite for the actual work in the nano.lab employing these substances.

The following safety briefings for hazardous materials for the nano.lab are planned. Slides of the safety briefing may be downloaded here.

date time place language
XX.02.2023 XX:XX PXXX english
XX.02.2023 XX:XX PXXX deutsch
XX.03.2023 XX:XX PXXX english
XX.03.2023 XX:XX PXXX deutsch
  • ­Please register beforehand and be on time.
  • Bring along staff or student identity card.
  • Reading of lab policy for hazardous materials before briefing is mandatory. Confirmation of reading will be requested.

safety briefing registration

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