Stylus of the DektakXT with optical assembly and coated glass samples; Copyright: Gillian Kiliani

The DektakXT Advanced System surface profiler, manufactured by Bruker France SAS, is used to mechanically estimate the height profiles of surfaces. It is capable of determining step heights, etch depths, the surface roughness or the surface waviness of a sample.

The DektakXT can accomodate large samples with a maximum thickness of 40 mm. The motorized stage can translate into X-Y direction for 150 mm x 150 mm with a maximum scan length of 55 mm and a vertical range of 1 nm to 1000 µm. Stage rotation of 360° is also motorized. The data quality is ultimately limited by the step height repeatability which is 4Å.

The low inertia sensor has a tip radius of 2 µm and operates with forces ranging from 1 mg to 15 mg, facilitating the measurements even of soft films and samples without surface damage.

The system allows for stitching to achieve scans with a length of 200 mm, 3D mapping and 2D stress measurements. The software is capable of automated measurement collection. A color camera with selectable magnification yields a live view image of the sample and stylus for alignement as well as for visual control during measurement.

Reference: Bruker France SAS.