SFB 767 Festkolloquium - Controlling Nanomechanical Systems: Back to the Future

Dienstag, 19. November 2019
15:30 – 17:00 Uhr

Konzil Konstanz, Oberer Saal

SFB 767 Final Symposium "Controlled Nanosystems"

Prof. Dr. Eva Weig, Universität Konstanz

Vibrating guitar strings, a thousand time smaller than a human hair, have fascinating physical properties. Unlike their macroscopic counterpart, these so-called nanomechanical systems have quality factors of half a million: Once excited, the vibration takes 500,000 cycles to decay.
The prospect of controlling the dynamics of these nanostringsopens the pathway to coherently controlling their motion or to a deeper understanding of coupled modes and nonlinear phenomena. Here I will review the development of dielectric control of nanostringresonators, which provides a toolbox to drive and detect their vibrational modes but also to tune their eigenfrequencies or to hybridize with other modes. I will also have a glance at the future, where nanostringcontrol is taken to the next level, and nonlinear nanostringsare employed to modify the fluctuation spectrum or to produce a frequency comb.