Multi- and monocrystalline Si wafers on their way to phosphorus diffusion in the tube furnace at about 850 °C.

Renewable Energy with Focus on Photovoltaics

For the transformation of the energy sector from fossil fuels to renewable energies, based on sustainable sources, the direct generation of electric power from sunlight by photovoltaics will play a major role. The research in the field of photovoltaics is based on fundamental and applied aspects.

In our department, we investigate, on the one hand, starting materials, manufacturing processes and solar cells based on crystalline silicon and, on the other hand, emerging alternative solar cell materials and concepts, such as solution processed organic, hybrid and perovskite solar cells.

A fundamental understanding of the dynamic processes in the solar cell and its current limitations enable us to improve systematically the efficiency and stability. The development of such in-depth understanding with manifold characterisation techniques is the focus of the research.