Recognition of coursework

You should choose coursework for your period of study abroad that can be applied to your study programme in Konstanz. Good planning is key! You can complete both compulsory and elective courses. 

The Erasmus programme simplifies the process for having coursework recognised. Before starting your semester abroad, you agree with the departmental Erasmus coordinator on the coursework you intend to complete at your host university and sign a corresponding learning agreement. The learning agreement is then forwarded to the host university for approval by both the university-wide and the departmental Erasmus coordinators. If you need to amend the agreement, you will need to contact the person responsible for the study abroad programme. The agreement is then passed on to the University of Konstanz's Erasmus Coordinator.

Immediately after returning from your period of study abroad, you will need to speak with your departmental Erasmus coordinator and submit a request to have your completed coursework recognised. The formal recognition is done by the dean of studies. Your examination certificate will include all coursework completed abroad.

The grades from your coursework completed abroad are converted to the German system using the grade conversion table for the Department of Physics. Other departments use their own conversion method.