Applying for a semester abroad through Erasmus

How to apply:

Please apply by 1 February, if you would like to take part in an Erasmus exchange during the following autumn term. If there are any left-over placements, you may apply for them later. 

Your complete application materials consist of: an application form (download the pdf or pick one up in the SSZ), your curriculum vitae, a letter of motivation (max. one page), a certified transcript of records (Notenausdruck), and, if you already have one, a language certificate. Please submit all application documents to the departmental Erasmus coordinator.

Selection criteria:

  • How well-informed are you about the host university?
  • Do the courses offered at the host university match your study interests? 
  • How specific is your plan for studying abroad (content, course number)?
  • How well do these courses match those offered in Konstanz?
  • If you are planning on working on a research project, do you already have any contacts or have you even been accepted to do so?
  • Could you contribute to possible partnerships? 
  • Of course, the grades you have earned so far also play a role.

Further information about the Erasmus+ programme, the application procedure and studying in other European countries is available from the International Office. Read the experience reports of other students who have already studied abroad. For a personal consultation, simply make an appointment with the departmental Erasmus coordinator.

Application for an Erasmus internship (Erasmus Praktikum)

The application procedure for an "Erasmus Praktikum" (e.g. for the bachelor's thesis) fundamentally differs from the procedure for studying abroad. After receiving a confirmation of your internship placement, you register online on the website above. Following a formal verification, you will be granted access to documents which you fill in together with the institution hosting your internship and your supervisor in Konstanz. The complete application materials consist of: an application form, a learning agreement for traineeship and confirmation of health insurance coverage. After completing the documents, you will need to  upload them to KOOR/BEST at least one month before starting your internship.