FAQs on completing a bachelor's thesis abroad

When should I start with the preparations?

At least half a year before the desired project start. For external bachelor's theses and especially for stays outside Europe, you should start organising as early as possible.

What steps do I need to take?

Start by finding your personal answer to the following questions:

  • Which topics am I interested in? To identify who can best assist you, find out which professors have a relevant research focus.  
  • Do you have specific areas of aptitude? (e.g. analytical, experimental)
  • Would you like to do your thesis at the University of Konstanz, in a company or at another university in Germany or abroad?
  • When would you like to start?

After answering these questions, you can then approach a professor relevant to your chosen topic and explain what you are interested in.

If you would like to complete an external thesis you should ask about this option. Maybe the professor can pass on contacts or you can find something suitable while keeping in touch with your on-site supervisor.

If you have agreed with your professor upon a topic, you will need to make an application to register the topic of your bachelor's thesis with the examination office. If you complete an external thesis, you need to fill in the application form specifically for an external bachelor's thesis.

How do I select a topic?

In the Department of Physics, you can chose your own thesis topic. If

you would like to be assigned a precise topic, please contact a

professor at least half a year before the desired project start to see

whether you can complete your bachelor's thesis in his/her research


If you have spoken with your supervisor, you will have to

hand in a written request for approval of your bachelor's thesis topic

to the examination office. Your application should include suggestions

for a topic and bachelor's thesis reviewers. An additional form is

required for external bachelor's theses.

If you fail to request approval to begin your bachelor's

thesis within three months after completing the last course-related

performance assessments and coursework required to begin the thesis,

then the Examination Board (StPA) will assign you a topic and reviewer.

How do I obtain contacts for a bachelor's thesis abroad?

a) Refer to "What steps do I need to take?"

b) Take action: if the topic/the institution you are interested in is not available through the department, you are free to make your own contacts. In this case, please contact one of our professors in advance so that all formalities and the necessary supervision can be sorted out. Select a professor whose research area has some overlaps with your selected topic, since he or she will evaluate your thesis afterwards.

Can I obtain financial support during my stay abroad?

You will need to finance your stay abroad yourself. However, various scholarships are available which might be suitable, e.g. Erasmus+ placementPROMOS or "Auslands-BAföG".
Detailed information on scholarships can

be found on the International Office website

Can the external supervisor assess the bachelor's thesis?

Yes, the external supervisor may evaluate the bachelor's thesis. However, a second internal reviewer will also evaluate it. If the grade of the two reviewers differs by more than a whole grade, a third person will be appointed by the Examination Board to evaluate the thesis.

What do I need to consider when completing a bachelor's thesis in a company?

The project needs to be precisely agreed upon with a supervisor in the Department of Physics before the start of the project. The supervisor will assess the thesis afterwards.

Can I have a completed external bachelor's thesis recognised?

No. You always need to contact a professor in the Department of Physics before starting a project.