Your curriculum lists the lectures, seminars, and lab courses required to complete your studies. It also includes a recommendation of the department on which courses should be completed each semester.  

During your bachelor's programme in physics, you can select one of two options, either the mathematical or the applied orientation, which differ in their emphasis on minors and mathematics in the first four semesters.

Applied orientation:

Mathematics 1 to 3 (each 4 SWS lectures, 2 SWS tutorial, 8 credits) in semesters one through three
Up to three minor subjects (at least 8 credits each) with 28 credits in total

Mathematical Orientation

Analysis 1 and Linear Algebra 1 (each 4 SWS lectures, 2 SWS tutorial, 9 credits in semester one
Analysis 2 (4 SWS lectures, 2 SWS tutorial, 9 credits) in semester two
Analysis 3 (2 SWS lectures, 1 SWS tutorial, 4 credits) in semester three
Mathematical elective subject (2 SWS lectures, 1 SWS tutorial, 5 credits) in semester four
Up to two minor subjects (at least 8 credits each) with 16 credits in total


Lecture / Course                               Lect.
Semester 1 (winter)
Integrated Course 15209written exam
Introductory Physics Lab 1101,53lab reports
Mathematics/minor subject
Semester 2 (summer)
Integrated Course 25209written exam
Introductory Physics Lab 20034lab reports
Mathematics/minor subject
Transferable skills3
Semester 3 (winter)
Integrated Course 374013written exam
Introductory Physics Lab 30034lab reports
Mathematics/minor subject
Semester 4 (summer)
Integrated Course 474013written exam
Introductory Physics Lab 40034lab reports
Oral exam 10002oral exam
Mathematics/minor subject
Physics elective course4208written exam
Measurement and Control 4048written exam
Semester 5
Oral exam 20002oral exam
Solid State Physics4209written exam
Nuclear Physics2105written exam
Statistical Mechanics 42010written exam
Advanced Quantum Theory and Electrodynamics 42010written exam
Advanced Physics Lab 10036lab reports
Semester 6
Bachelor's thesis12
Presentation of the BSc-thesis4


SWS - lecture hours per week during the semester
Lect. - lecture
Tut. - tutorial
Cr. - credits