• Studierende in der Gruppenarbeit

    Welcome to the Department of Physics

    We wish you a successful start into the new semester and especially to all new students, the best of luck and an exciting time. Remember, even after the orientation week, we always have an open door and are pleased to help you.

  • Innenhof und Ausblick auf die Mainau
  • Supercomputers without waste heat

    Physicists from the University of Konstanz explore superconductivity for information processing

  • Innovative Hochschullehre

    Only available in German

    Der Konstanzer Physiker Dr. Ralf Bausinger wird mit einem Fellowship für Innovationen in der Hochschullehre ausgezeichnet

    Für sein Projekt "Ownership of Learning im Praktikum mit webbasierten, interaktiven Jupyter-Notebooks" erhält Dr. Ralf Bausinger ein Junior-Fellowship für Innovationen in der Hochschullehre.

  • Shielded quantum bits

    A theoretical concept to realize quantum information processing has been developed by Professor Guido Burkard and his team of physicists at the University of Konstanz. The researchers have found ways to shield electric and magnetic noise for a short time. This will make it possible to use spins as memory for quantum computers, as the coherence time is extended and many thousand computer operations can be performed during this interval. The study was published in the current issue of the journal “Physical Review Letters”.

  • Excellent teaching

    The best teaching and excellent study conditions are very important to us. We constantly endeavour to improve and co-ordinate our lectures and courses and therefore believe in a close interlinking of experimental and theoretical content in the first semesters with two lecturers in one course and a constant harmonization with the laboratories. Small tutorials with a maximum of 12 students are our standard.

  • Research at the Department of Physics

    In the 21st century nanotechnology is the technology of the future and “nano” is the subject of research at the Department of Physics in Konstanz. The world of the very small is dominated by exotic principles of quantum physics where ordinary materials show novel and surprising properties. Also, light is a quantum phenomenon and much of its nano properties are still not well understood. The insight to the laws in the nano-level allows producing novel materials with tailor-made properties.


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